Check my Make

Do you want to detect errors from scenarios? Get statistics? Or backup all your data?Control your Make account to get insights
and save time and costs!

How can we help you?

Useful alarms

Get errors too late? Exhaust operations too fast? Did new changes break your scenarios?Receive all the warnings and errors by webhook every 5 minutes!Avoid problems and fix errors as soon as possible!

Easy statistics

Do you know what scenario consumes a lot or what organization uses the account too much?Receive all the scenario and organization stats by webhook every six hours!Control your operations, traffic, and costs!

Fast backups

Hundreds of scenarios? Multiple versions? Do you download all your scenarios manually?Receive one backup every day by webhook for all your existing scenarios.Forget to download and backup manually anymore!


You can try "Check my Make" seven days for free.After this period, Stripe will charge
19€ per month (taxes included).
What is included in Check My Make?

AlarmsEvery 5 minutesWebhook
StatisticsEvery 6 hoursWebhook
BackupsEvery day at 6amWebhook

Check the FAQs to fix all your doubts.

Put your Make
under control

Complete this form to control your Make account.

Check the FAQs to fix all your doubts.

You accept our terms and conditions if you use this service.Legal doubts? Check who is behind.

My Panel

Remember that you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.Click on the next button and use your payment email to access it:

Fix your doubts

1) What do I need to use the service?
- Click on + Add Token and create your credential (1) with all the next permissions:

- Create three POST webhooks for alarms, statistics, and backups, and activate them.
(1) A token is required to provide this service. We don't share your credential with third parties.

2) What features do I get with the "Check my Make" service?a) Alarms
We review every 5 minutes your account, and check the next topics:
- All notifications generated by Make for your account (warnings or errors).
- All consumptions by organization.
- All modifications in any scenario.
If any existing or future problem is detected, we notify the Alarms webhook.
Please check the JSON sample sent.
b) Statistics
We get every 6 hours all the statistical data from your account:
- Organization consumptions.
- Scenario consumptions.
We report operations and traffic since the last Reset for all the scenarios and organizations of your account.If you want to generate reports, this is all the data you need to understand your account.We send this data to the Statistic Webhook.
Please check the JSON sample sent.
c) Backups
We generate one backup per day (at 6 am GMT) with all your scenarios. After that, we send you a download link of the backup to the Backups webhook.
You have one hour to download it before the link expires.Please check the JSON sample sent.

3) How can I test my webhooks?
You will receive a sample request per every webhook when the trial starts.
Modify your webhook scenarios to save the received data wherever you want.We will publish sample scenarios per every webhook soon.

4) Can I test the service?
Yes. You have seven days to try the service.
After that, Stripe will charge the subscription (19€ per month, taxes included).

5) How can I cancel my subscription?
Access the Stripe panel to control your subscription and cancel it at any time.
Please, use the same payment email to login into the Stripe Panel.

6) Can you send me an invoice?
Sure. Every time a payment is done, we send you an invoice by email automatically with all the taxes details.
You don't have to request it.

7) How can I get an invoice for my company?
Check the checkbox "I'm purchasing as a business" on the Stripe payment page, and complete your VAT information (name and id).
If you have forgotten to complete this data, you can set up your company information in the Stripe customer portal.

Share your thoughts

We want to improve "Check my Make" with your needs.If you want any feature, let us know by filling out the feedback form.We will analyze it and improve the service to suit your needs.

Our terms

If you try this service, you accept our terms and conditions:TOKEN
We use your Make credential to read your account. Please, ensure that the Token has the required read permissions.
We don't share your Token with third parties.
We use Stripe to process all the payments. You can access to the Stripe Panel to cancel your Subscription whenever you want.
We use Plausible to track your visits. This service only tracks the minimum data.
We use Sendy to send newsletters. We will add your email to the newsletter when you try the service.
Remember that you can unsubscribe after receiving the first email.

Thank you!
Now your Make is under control!

You have received a welcome email.
And a new notification to all your webhooks.
If you have any doubt, contact us.Enjoy the service!